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Collins & Associates is everything you expect in an accounting and tax firm and more! We provide accounting and tax services for individuals and business owners, and we understand that nothing is more important than being able to have confidence in those who are giving you financial advice. At Collins & Associates, we are driven to maintain financial success for all of our clients, and in order to do this to the best of our ability we stay up-to-date on the ever changing tax laws and accounting procedures, as well as strive to be pro-active and responsive to all our clients!

Tax Season Hours (Late January - April 15)

Monday: 9am - 8pm
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Sunday: Closed

Non Tax Season Hours (April 16 - January)

Monday: 9am - 4pm
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Wednesday: 9am - 4pm
Thursday: 9am - 4pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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